serene summer

Hi everyone! I apologize for the lack of posts!

Lately I’ve been busy with the Etsy shop and spending quality time with Buddy and Justin outdoors…. plus one of the circuit breakers in my condo is having a lot of problems so I have to wait and see how much fixing it is going to cost. (Supposedly a completely new system is going to run about $850, so says the electrician that I’m working with currently) So now I don’t have any power in the office or bedroom… just the bathrooms. Well at least I have that. Ah, home ownership.

I haven’t done much spending lately and there’s 2 weeks left in the month of July:

You may not think this is a big deal, but to me it is! I even went to H&M and Urban Outfitters last week in a mad fit of ‘spending fever,’ but I left empty handed. Nothing stood out to me, even with a 20% off H&M in hand.

The only thing I’ve been shopping for lately is for free drugstore items from couponing:

CVS: 1 Balance Bar, 1 Contact solution for Free
Rite Aid: 2 Noxema shaver 4-packs, 1 Crest Toothpaste, 1 Softsoap bodywash for $2.96 profit

And no nail updates since sewing has been taking up time and I’d hate to ruin a fresh manicure while sewing!

I’m unsure if I can keep this up for long (especially for clothing + + accessories) but for now I’m proud of myself for being so financially responsible :)

Oh and a couple good recipes that I made recently that I recommend:

Creamy Chicken marsala pasta
Spicy pork rice cakes from Momofuku (An interesting take on mapo tofu! I omitted the dried chiles because they were too big and dry)

Thanks for visiting and I hope you’re having a wonderful summer! <3

♥ E&I