Growing green onions and garden plans

Instead of I’ve been shopping for.. plants! More succulents! I can’t get enough and now I have quite the collection.

I also have a few new pots (I found all of them for $5 or less) to make some interesting combos and compositions.

(yes that is a salad bowl.. I bought it for $3 at a thrift shop! Big shallow bowls are hard to come by and this works perfectly for a future planting project)

I’ve also just recently planted some green onions in a pot and now I won’t have to spend $0.99 per bunch at the grocery store for about another year!

I followed this tutorial:

Just buy a small bunch of green onions, cut 1.5″ from the bottom and stick it in some potting soil! Voila! You will have some nice tall stalks in about a week. Just snip off a few stalks when its time to cook and it will keep growing back! 😀

♥ E&I