DIY Felt Mail Sorter

I’ve had this felt pocket sorter from Apartmenttherapy pinned on my Pinterest board as inspiration for a future DIY… I love how organic it looks and the pop of color is a really nice contrast to the charcoal gray.

My favorite material to work with is felt, so I had a lot of extra material to use.  Instead of an orange backing, I used teal.

I’ve been in need for a mail sorter ever since I bought the condo, and it cost me $0!  I have a hard time sorting through little piles of mail so hopefully this will help me.

To make this all you need to do is get two equal sizes of felt, sew the outer edges together, sew rectangles for pockets and cut openings using sharp scissors.  Then I used some extra hooks for hanging.  That’s it!

You can make the pockets as wide or deep as you like to accommodate a range of different items, just like the original grey and orange one.

As I’m DIY’ing and blogging Justin and Buddy decide to take a nap together:

My project is complete so now I’m gonna go wake them up :)

♥ E&I