Hawaii 2011 – Oahu Part 2 *pic heavy*

During our trip we visited Byodo-In Temple in the Valley of the Temples, surrounded by lush green mountains.

This temple is so picturesque!

A closeup of a plant that seems more at home in the ocean than on land! (I can’t seem to find the actual name)

Justin suggested we go here because the birds at the temple are very tame. We arrived early in the morning before the temple shop was even open, but a monk at the temple was kind enough to give us feed for free.

Byodo-In’s resident Calico cat, sleeping in the sunshine (what a life!):

That same day we went to the Dole Plantation in the middle of Oahu. I highly recommend the pineapple ice cream bowl with fresh pineapple :)

We also did the Dole pineapple maze challenge! This maze was declared the World’s Largest Maze in 2008. If you do plan to visit, make sure to check the free tourism guides around downtown Oahu… you’re likely to find a buy one get one free adult admission ticket for the maze.

The most delicious gummi bears I’ve ever had.. and possibly the most expensive~! Justin bought it for me as surprise and I was shocked at the $7 pricetag! But.. it was so good we were almost tempted to buy another bag.

A pretty hibiscus flower in the maze:

Laniakea Beach aka “Turtle Beach”

I had never seen a wild turtle before this trip! They are so amazingly adorable and majestic at the same time. The turtles come to Laniakea beach to sleep and eat the seaweed growing on the rocks.

These two were “holding hands!” :3

One of our Groupons was for a (Groupon referral here) submersible-scooter ride near Hawaii Kai.

Apparently Kanye West’s secret studio is located off the pier.

We were tethered to the surface so we wouldn’t have to worry about hitting the bottom:

The plastic helmets gave us “shrunken heads”

It was a fun experience… If scuba diving is too expensive and/or too frightening I recommend underwater scooters! An oxygen tank pumps air into the helmet and you have controls to push yourself forward, right or left.

My grown-up version of Shark Boy 😀

Most of the trip we drank POG (passion fruit-orange-guava juice).. I was insistent that we consume as much non-mainland food and drink as possible 😀 My local Marukai does have a lot of Hawaiian snacks, drinks and food mixes but its just not the same (and not to mention expensive)

A shrimp plate from Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck was on my list of things to eat:

The truck itself is covered in years of graffiti from past customers:

The most popular dish on the menu is the shrimp scampi plate: a secret blend of spices, butter, and a TON of garlic

The kitchen itself is tiny yet when I was there, at least 5 people were inside cooking, serving and taking orders

Shrimp scampi:

Lemon butter shrimp:

Full and sleepy!

Laie, Hawaii

This is where they filmed that scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall (where Jason Segel dives into the ocean and then gets a kiss from Mila Kunis)

Though when we went the waves were crashing HARD.. I don’t think anyone would dare to jump in at this time of year

Dressing (down) for dinner!

Drink of choice: Lava flows :)

Justin made reservations at the Shorebird for a beachfront table

After some deliberation we decided upon a filet mignon steak, some garlic bread and a marinated teriyaki skewer

We like our meat RARE

Just kidding. You cook it on their huge grill with a Waikiki beach view!

The salad bar (it wasn’t terrible but not the best either)

Justin trying to keep an eye on the meat through the smoke:

They even have a handy dandy grilling guide if you’re unsure how long to cook your food:

Sorry about not having photos of the food after cooking.. it was quite dark and we were hungry. :) I highly recommend the marinated teriyaki kabob!

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