Hawaii 2011 – Oahu Part 3 *pic heavy*

On October 12th we spotted this HUGE line at Victoria’s Secret.. it turns out Alessandra Ambrosio came to Hawaii for their store opening! We first saw the line in the morning and it ended up lasting until the end of the day! It would have been nice to see her in person but I don’t think I could wait all day for that :(

Kalakaua Avenue early in the morning… this is the main touristy street near the beach where people are walking around at all hours of the day and night… similar to ‘the strip’ in SoCal

Being cheesy at the Chanel store at the end of Kalakaua Avenue! We did go inside once (honestly I had never gone inside a Chanel store before) and Justin balked at the price of a crocodile flap for $6850! hahah

The first freestanding YSL store I’ve ever seen! Since I have a little baby green-teal besace I have to show some love :) I find it funny that YSL and Chanel were pushed SO far towards the end of the ‘strip’ while other less coveted fashion houses are in the middle of Kalakaua.

My Hawaii uniform! Super slouchy tanks, bikini underneath, beach shorts and some Havaiana sandals. Unfortunately these sandals broke on a rocky beach hike so I had to trash them. :(

Yellow hibiscus:

Having fun with the tanks and guns at the US Army museum of Hawaii at Waikiki:

Waikiki beach in the morning

Japanese tourists learning hula on Waikiki beach:

Disney’s latest resort.. Aulani in Ko Olina! I love Disney and I had to check it out because it is still very new!

They have a pretty little manmade cove right off the beach

As always, Disney does not disappoint! The resort is beautiful.

You can see a peek of their lazy river here… that ‘mountain’ in the back is a waterslide:

The austere and impressive lobby (the feel of it is similar to the California Adventure hotel):

In a nutshell, the resort is beautiful and great for kids and the elderly, but I think I’d get pretty bored there after a couple days. There isn’t much to do at that end of the island.

Justin loves to geocache so we set off to find one near the rocky beach close to Paradise cove. This is where my Havaianas broke!

Justin located the geocache within this monstrous tree:

The nice thing about geocaching is that they can take you to the most beautiful and untouched places :)

Luau time at Paradise Cove

My faux tribal tattoo.. the closest I’ll ever get to the real thing 😉

Kalua pork, island fish with macadamia nut cream sauce and poi!

During one night I was SO tired from walking around that I slept for 10 hours..and while I slept Justin surprised me with a LeSportSac wallet! This print is exclusive to Hawaii and Guam. He had a difficult time picking one out for me (“at least 45 minutes!”) because “every print looks different!”

Next on the list of things to do… Waimea Falls

Waimea Valley park is a nice easy hike with pretty sights to see along the way. They have an extensive botanical garden if you happen to love plants and flowers.

Hair of the day:

Waimea falls! The water is actually 30 feet deep!

The twisted roots of this tree (I forgot the name) spiral down from the top of the tree into the ground!

We couldn’t go home without trying Matsumoto’s famous shaved ice!

There’s always a long line to pay:

I bought a mousepad for $4 since I needed one anyway… :)

Everyone needs to eat RICE!

Malasadas are my favorite dessert in Hawaii! Leonard’s is the BEST

Justin is part Portugese so I insisted he try the food of his people 😀

We had a quick stop at the Ala Moana mall (the largest open-air shopping mall in the world)

There is a jewelry store called Q-Pot that looks like a candy store but they sell food-themed jewelry!

This ‘magical broom’ is actually a ROOMBA! I passed by and saw it gliding along the floor :)

I also did some damage at Gilly Hicks…I love their undies but its hard to get to for me since there are no stores where I live

And now… my tiny haul from the trip!

Haleiwa tee from a Japanese boutique near my hotel (twitpic of me wearing it here)

and some various girly goodies

So that’s it for my Oahu photos for this trip! I’m a bit sick so I wanted to get this done quick…Time to lie down now!

Thanks for readin’ :)

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