Current Personal Finance Stats 11.29.11

Wow. This is my first PF update in an entire year! Whoops!

(The last update was 10.27.10)

401K contribution: 15% to a Roth 401K (100% employer match up to 5%), up 5% from this time last year.

Ever since I took my first job out of college in 2008, I’ve contributed to a regular 401K. This year, I decided to put everything into the Roth.

Roth IRA contributions for this year: Maxed out! Roughly $400 per month starting in January 2011 (max is ~$5000 per year); unchanged from last year’s contributions.

High interest savings account deposits: $250/month, was $500 last year.

Investments (non-retirement): $1000, was $0 this time last year.

529 Fund: (new!) $100 initially, then $25/month contributions

Major financial changes?: Bought a condo, got a raise. Started a 529 fund.

Thoughts?: Thinking of upping my Roth 401K retirement contributions even more and reducing the emergency fund/high interest savings deposits. I think my emergency fund is big enough to warrant it.

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