Tried and true recipes 2

Hello again!

This is another update to our cook book master plan:

Our plan is to end up with a recipe book filled with our best finds so we can share it with family and friends in the future. And at the same time, we can save money from eating out and spend some quality time together while cooking. :)

There are so many recipe websites and books out there, and because of that it’s hard to know if that recipe is right for you. I’ve pinned close to 300 recipes on my Pinterest recipe pin board, yet I’ve only tried a handful of them. Sometimes its hard to get inspired to cook when there is so much to sift through! Here are a few more recipes that I’m adding to our recipe book. Hopefully if you have time on your hands you can try these out too.

Momofuku chicken wings in octo vinigarette

This recipe is incredibly easy and doesn’t cost much. Just get a tray of party wings for around $5, gather up a few items that are probably already in your pantry for the sauce, and BOOM you have a delicious entree~! Tasty, flavorful chicken wings with a satisfying crunch. And its oven baked, not fried!

Momofuku Spicy pork rice cakes

This is a delicious and spicy take on mapo tofu but instead of tofu, they use rice cakes. Asian rice cakes are so comforting to me! Some personal modifications: omit the dried peppers and grind the Sichuan peppercorns instead of leaving them whole.

Spaghetti meat sauce

I just made this over the weekend and Justin and I LOVELOVELOVE this dish. This is a Japanese meat sauce pasta recipe, but commenters have claimed it is the same as its Italian original.

Loco moco

THE Loco moco! A true comfort food! When Justin and I came back from Hawaii I made this for us to reminisce. Note: Using a powdered gravy mix is quicker but less satisfying.

Check out my Pinterest account in my “Yummies” section for more recipe ideas and inspiration!

Tried and true recipes 1

Enjoooy! 😀

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