My HG makeup travel bag

For the longest time I’ve been thinking about buying the Mary Kay travel makeup bag.  I forget where I first heard about it.  Maybe YT?  Makeupally also has favorable reviews.

Basically it has 4 prism-shaped compartments that roll up into a square:

Compact, space saving, and with clear zippered compartments so you can see everything!  That way you can separate each pouch for a different purpose:  face, eyes, lips, etc.  So everything you need is clearly visible and you no longer have to go digging and searching blindly.

The best thing about this bag is that I don’t need a separate bag/pouch/case for my brushes.  One pouch is large enough to store a set of everyday makeup brushes and maybe even room for a few extras.

Luckily I found a dupe at JCPenney for a mere $6 on clearance!  The only real differences are that its brightly colored, and the sides are not clear. It was by Elle (fancy that!!) but I’m unable to find it online unfortunately.  I will link similar products below if you’re interested.

Bright punchy pink and orange!  I do wish the sides were clear like the Mary Kay bag, but then again it was only $6.

Pouch contents from left to right:

Face, eyes, brushes, miscellaneous.

If you’re in the market to buy a similar bag, here are some options:

  • To buy the Mary Kate bag from the Official Mary Kay site, click here
  • To buy the Mary Kate bag from Amazon click here
  • Amazon sells a similar “Roll-N-Go” bag here
  • To search for Mary Kay makeup roll-up bags  on Ebay (I’d personally use this method), click here
  • eBags sells a similar one (that is cheaper) here

♥ E&I