NOTD: My most popular Konad manicure (Redo!)

Ever since I bought the Konad nail stamping kit in early fall of 2009 I have been hooked on Konad. I find doing my nails/toes at home is very therapeutic for me. I don’t do my nails as often as I want to because I need to find the time to apply *plus* the drying time. And Konad on top of that makes it even more time consuming. But I find its worth it.  Fully dry, manicured nails makes me feel really girly and a bit more dressed up sometimes.

The most-trafficked-Konad-NOTD was this one that I did a couple months after buying the kit. Actually out of all the manicures I have ever done on this blog, THIS is the one that gets the most hits.  Honestly I didn’t know why because, 2 months in, my Konading skills royally sucked!

See what I mean?  Blegh!!

What I used then:

  • Konad m56 bow tip, m19 french tips, m57 fishnets
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Whirlwind White
  • Rimmel 399 Black satin
  • Some crappy topcoat

To my surprise, it was even featured on this Wedding Bee blog on the topic of ‘wedding day nails.’  What!

Well, now I’ve done Konading for more than 2 years. How time flies! So I’ve decided to try this again now that I have better materials and a bit more practice.  I can now do 3 layers of stamping in around 5 minutes and my french mani placement is much improved.  No Konad manicure of mine has ever been 100% perfect, but in real life, no one looks that closely anyway.

What a difference, no?

What I used this time:

  • Konad m56 bow tip, m19 french tips, m57 fishnets
  • Zoya base color in Avril (a pinky nude color)
  • Konad special polish in Black and White
  • Seche Vite Topcoat

When I first started I was too cheap to buy the Konad special polishes.  Now I know the difference.  I’ve realized that I’ll be Konading for a while, so I spent a little more money and bought some basic colors (black, white, silver, gold.)  And, I finally found my favorite topcoat that doesn’t smudge my work.

Anyway.  I hope you like this Konad mani re-do.  Thanks for reading!

♥ E&I