DIY Alteration Project – Tribal Blazer

Quick disclaimer:  This isn’t a DIY alteration tutorial; its moreso sharing a DIY project that I’ve completed. :)

A little consignment shop opened up nearby and I saw this vintage blazer on sale for $11:

I did a quick Ebay search on my phone and it turned out someone had already chopped the original blazer in half… you can see under the wooden toggle that this jacket ends abruptly.  The size wasn’t marked and the material tag was long gone.

The material of this jacket intrigued me… I guessed that it was made out of cotton and it had interesting varying tribal designs on the stripes.  Normally I don’t wear much red but I do love me some tribal!

And to make this jacket even sweeter, it had a black yarn trim around the lapel.  It was almost as if a Chanel tweed jacket and a Rastafarian blanket had a love child!

I took a chance and brought it home with me.  The shoulders were huge on me:

I’ve read altering the shoulders at a tailor isn’t worth the jacket itself.  DIY it was, then.  I took this Forever 21 vest and traced the outline on the fabric with an alteration pencil to follow the shoulder and sleeve outline.  (Sorry I forgot to take an image of this.)  Then I cut the sleeves off and cut away the body of the jacket.

I’m no expert in alterations… I just hoped that the heavy fabric would conceal any mistakes that I’d make.  I’m much better with hand sewing.. so I fit the sleeves to the garment with pins and started hand sewing.

After cutting the body and attaching the sleeves:

I thought I was going to be done but the sleeves looked a bit baggy. :(  So I took my sewing machine, went over all of my hand stitched seams, and took in the sleeves.

Here’s the finished product:

I wasn’t too sure if the cropped look was too juvenile but there wasn’t anything I could do to add any extra length.  No matter though I think it looks ok since my torso isn’t that long.

I’ll more likely wear it open anyways.  I apologize for the blurriness in the photos.. this mirror is vintage and it has spots that I can’t get out!

Phew!  Success!  I let the blazer sit out for days before I mustered up the courage to start this project.

Thanks for reading :)

♥ E&I