Julep Nail Polish Set for $0.01 Shipped! (USA & Canada only)

I haven’t tried any of the monthly subscription services (aka Shoemint, Beautymint, Stylemint or Jewelmint) but I couldn’t pass this up.  Out of everything that I own.. (purses, clothing, shoes, makeup and nailpolish) my #1 weakness is nailpolish.  You get lots of bang for your buck IMHO.

Julep is a nail polish monthly subscription site and if you use the code COLOR2012 you’ll get a 1 month subscription (at least 2 polishes) for $0.01 shipped.

Click HERE to get your Maven Box and use COLOR2012 at checkout.

For USA and CANADA residents only

(once you put in the code, the shipping info and your location, the total will go down to $0.01)

I don’t really know if I will continue with the subscription service in the months to come, but I know that I’m going to add the “skipping window” to my Google calendar (along with SMS and email reminders) just in case.  I suggest that if you are on the fence like me, you should do this too to save yourself the hassle if you think you’ll forget.  Or you can cancel altogether and keep your free Maven box.

 You can skip any month free of charge- just login to ‘My Account’ between the 20th and 24th of the month and select ‘skip the month’. Please note, you must submit the ‘skip the month’ form by 11:59pm (PST) on the 24th.

After taking my style quiz, I am now receiving the “Boho Glam” set.  I did the quiz twice just for fun and I still got BH as a result.

Julep features 5 different nailpolish styles…  Here are a few examples from the month of February:

It Girl  (this set has 3 polishes while the rest have 2 and an additional item)

American Beauty

Boho Glam

Classic with a Twist


Honestly I would have much preferred Classic with a Twist but oh well.  I’ll do a review once my order comes in.

♥ E&I