Julep Maven Unboxing – Boho Glam for February

My Julep Maven box is here! That was quick.  I ordered it on February 26th, $0.01 was charged to my credit card the day after, and now 5 days after ordering the box is in my hands!

If you haven’t seen my earlier post, I bought the February Maven box for $0.01 shipped!

Click HERE to get your Maven Box and use COLOR2012 at checkout.  For USA and CANADA residents only.  I’m unsure of when the code ends, so just FYI.

Again, if you decide to subscribe, make sure you know when to skip a month if you don’t want to order for that month.  Or just cancel if you’d like.

 You can skip any month free of charge- just login to ‘My Account’ between the 20th and 24th of the month and select ‘skip the month’. Please note, you must submit the ‘skip the month’ form by 11:59pm (PST) on the 24th.

Here’s the contents:  A cuticle oil, Oscar glitter polish, and Marisa polish.  It also came with a little packet of SPF 30 hand cream, which is nice.

At first I would have preferred an extra polish instead of a cuticle oil… but actually my cuticles have been all kinds of dry lately.  Hopefully this oil will help a bit.  I’m going to put it in my makeup bag for on-the-go cuticle moisturizing.

A closeup of the polishes:

I just painted my nails today so I haven’t tried these out yet.  We’ll see how they fare when I do!  These colors seem a bit better suited to colder winter months.  For $0.01 I shouldn’t complain though.

I really wish I got the next March box for $0.01 though:   I LOVE CORALS!!!

Sigh.  I guess I should have waited.  And it comes with Moroccan Argan oil too! Haven’t tried Argan oil before but I’ve heard a lot of good things.

♥ E&I