Amex + Twitter deals! (Includes Zappos and H&M)

If you happen to have an American Express credit card and a Twitter account, there are some good deals to be had at the moment!

Amex and Twitter have joined forces with a few retailers for a few great deals:

  • $10 back your next online purchase of $75 or more at Zappos’s by 4/30
  • $10 back on an in-store purchase of $50 or more at H&M until 4/30
  • $5 back on your next in-store purchase of $5 or more at McDonald’s until 3/31
  • A $20 credit with a single in-store purchase of $75 or more at Whole Foods until 4/30
  • $10 back on your next single purchase of $10 or more at Best Buy until 3/31
  • and more!  See the entire list of retailers and deals here.

To get these deals:

  1. Sync your Amex card and your Twitter account here.
  2. RT the deal you want to use from here.
  3. Amex will confirm your tweet by tweeting back to you with a link to the deal’s terms and conditions and how to redeem.

Important Notes:  You must have an AMEX card to sync to use these deals.  And, if you don’t already have a Twitter account you must create one.  See more FAQ’s here for more info.

Normally H&M has sporadic “20% off one item” coupons but this H&M deal covers your entire purchase of $50 or more.  Pretty darn good.

Happy shopping!

♥ E&I