Hawaii 2012 – Kauai Part 4 *pic heavy*

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Besides seeing J. Boog, Justin and I were lucky enough to catch Anuhea and SOJA concerts in Kauai as well.

We experienced a beautiful sunset on the way to the concert:

If you haven’t heard of Anuhea, you should! :)  She does a lot of acoustic live performances and her music is great.  Her voice is really soulful and I love her love songs… its hard not to feel happy listening to them :}

I’m not a big alcohol drinker and I don’t like the taste of beer… but I did try a bit of white wine.

Wine wine wine make you feel so fine! 😀

SOJA on stage:

One of my favorite SOJA songs, “You and Me” (another romantic love song)

Towards the end of our trip we tried our best to see more natural landmarks, like Waimea Canyon, aka “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific”:

The mist in the air made it a bit hard to see, but it was still breathtaking nonetheless.

Wailua Falls (Justin loves waterfalls!)

We also stopped by an interesting man-made beach, aptly named “Glass Beach.”

This beach is entirely made from glass debris that has been pummeled by the ocean.  The color and amount of the glass varies depending on the tide.

I had a hard time capturing the sparkles in the sand.

Another beach that we enjoyed was Tunnels Beach.  Right behind the beach access there were these huge caves underneath a mountain:

Tunnels has great snorkeling too!  The next time I go snorkeling though, I’ll make sure to bring some fins and some kind of swim noodle… snorkeling and treading water for long periods of time is so tiring.

Tunnels beach is really beautiful!  Check out this interesting mountain view:

Now, compare with this still image from the movie musical South Pacific (1958) with the famed mountains of “Bali Hai” in the background…  Maybe you’ve heard of the song by the same name?

…this still image was taken from the movie’s original movie trailer here:

Speaking of South Pacific…this is for the ladies! Cuz ‘there is nothing like a dame’ ;D

Moving on…  If you’re in Kauai and looking for some great local food, make sure to visit Mark’s Place!

They also have some homemade snacks and cookies for sale:

What we bought:  Butter mochi, baked parmesean crisps, and a spam musubi

Korean-style fried chicken and rice:

And Mark’s Famous Mixed Plate:  Katsu, beef stew, and teriyaki beef. The beef stew was my favorite!!!

On our last morning in Kauai, we woke up extra early to see the sunrise for the last time. I brought the camera and Justin brought his ukelele:

A fisherman set up his fishing poles along the beach:

The sun came out and it was time to say goodbye. :(

I love Kauai!  Out of the two islands I’ve visited thus far (Oahu and Kauai), Kauai is definitely much prettier and it has a much more peaceful feel.  I can see why its nickname is the “Garden Isle.”

Thank you so much for coming by to read my about my vacation adventures!  As of now I have no idea where my next trip will be…  I’m currently saving up credit card rewards points as well as extra cash in anticipation though. :)

♥ E&I