Cheap jewelry picks from Ebay ($7 and under!)

EDIT: I’ve removed the wing ring I originally posted, because lo and behold… the ring IRL wasn’t as pictured. So I left negative feedback, and promptly got a refund from the seller.  Make sure to do the same if you’re not satisfied

Lately I’ve been splurging lightly on jewelry… here are a few items that I’ve bought on Ebay for only $7 and under, including free shipping!

I wanted to share the goodies since they’re such good deals.  For trend jewelry most of these pieces are much cheaper than Forever 21… so if any items don’t turn out as you hoped in real life, a couple bucks isn’t too much of a loss.

(Hopefully they’ll still be in stock if you’re interested in buying… check back with the seller’s store at a later date to see if it comes back again.)

Beaded bracelet, in various colors $4.99 with free shipping  (EDIT: received the item in Coffee, as pictured)

Angel Wing Earrings, $1.59 with free shipping  (EDIT: received the item, as pictured but with slight differences between left and right.  Still ok for me, but keep that in mind.)

Crown ring, in two finishes, $1.49 with free shipping (EDIT: received the item, very slight difference in real life, where the points are not as crisp, but still ok with me. Keep this in mind.)

Skull stud earring with rhinestones, in gold or silver, $0.99 with free shipping (EDIT: received the item, slight difference in quality than the photo, but still ok with me.  Keep this in mind.)

Spike/cone bracelet (similar to the ASOS and CC Skye bracelets I blogged about here), $5.99 with free shipping (multiple metal finishes)

Spike and chain bracelet (multiple tones), $6.99 with free shipping (Option 1) (Option 2)

I just bought an ASOS one in gold that is EXACTLY the same for over $10. Phooey.

Skull bracelet, $1.59 with free shipping (EDIT: received the item, as pictured but didn’t have any green skulls in it.  Keep this in mind. )

Great for summer 😀

Happy shopping!

♥ E&I