Musings: Shopping to live, living to shop


These days I’ve been reflecting on my shopping habits.  I warn that this will be an open ended, thought-stream type post, so bear with me.

In between travel plans, I’m constantly living for the next thrill, the next great deal or awesome find.  Lately that goes for home decor, clothing or shoes.

Thrift shops, TJMaxx/Marshalls, and consignment stores make my cravings worse because inventory is constantly changing.

Budgeting, saving and spending is always such a roller coaster.  The incline and decline varies month-to-month, but the ride is the same.

As I am getting older, I think that I’m getting a little smarter with my purchases.  Despite this I can’t stop accumulating, “nesting”, and wanting MORE.  I may even call it “hoarding deals.”

I’m can be so consumed the idea of shopping that sometimes I forget to purge old items as I bring new ones in my home.

I love Pinterest.  I love pinning and collecting beautiful images, yet I get so consumed in pinning that I don’t take those pins and integrate them into my life.  For example: outfits based on a pin, trying recipes, organizing and de-cluttering my space to achieve the aesthetic that I yearn for.

I can’t help but wonder that despite creating a list of priorities in life, my time and money is spent focusing on other (less important) things.

I know life is short, and savings are meant to be spent in the end… but sometimes I feel a bit guilty for shopping.

♥ E&I