Warning:  A non-fashion/shopping/finance related post!

Sometimes life can really bring you down.  It doesn’t matter how little (or how big) the issue can be.  I’ll admit that I am not the most confident person.  On most days I feel pretty good about myself but once in a while, something will punch me in the stomach and leave me winded and broken.  :(

Well I found a really good tip to help with that!

I recently bought a book from Amazon last month:  Life After College: The Complete Guide to Getting What you Want by Jenny Blake.  (She also has a fabulous blog, here.)  I graduated in college in 2007 and I still think this book is great!

In this book, Jenny introduced an idea:  the Keepers File.  (I have a pretty terrible memory actually, so this will help me a lot.)

When someone compliments your style, or thanks you for doing such a good job on X-Y-and-Z at work/school, or just says something really nice about you… write it in your Keepers file.

Here’s an excerpt from her original blog post:

You’ll know a “keeper” when you see it – it’s an email, tweet or otherwise glowing note about you that makes you smile from ear-to-ear. The kind that makes your whole day, week or month. Keepers are like gold nuggets that never lose their value. You’ll know it’s a Keeper because every time you read it you feel energized, confident and/or appreciated.

The file can be hand written or digital.  When things go wrong or someone kicks you down, be gentle with yourself!  The Keepers File is about reminding yourself that YOU are important and well worth loving and appreciating.


♥ E&I