New flickr gallery: elleandishHOME

I’ve added something new to the blog!  A flickr page of my home decor photos for easier viewing.


(There’s also a new “My Home” page in the blog header.)  I’ve sourced a lot of items there as well as some pricing that I can remember.  As I update my space I’ll try to keep the flickr updated.

As you know I try to decorate on a budget… most of the items I buy are thrifted, from Craigslist, Ikea, Target, Overstock, TJMaxx, and Ross.  (Actually a lot of items that I’ve thrifted are from Target and a lot of the items from Craigslist are from Ikea. Haha.)

I hope this is more helpful than going through all of the “Decor” categorized posts. As always, thanks for reading and following me in my decor journey!

♥ E&I