Relationships and work schedules


I’m not sure if I’ve written about this on the blog (but maybe I’ve tweeted about it), but I work a swing shift schedule.  My work hours are from 2PM to 11PM on a normal day, but sometimes earlier if I skip lunch.  I was hired for my current job exclusively for the swing shift, so unless I apply for another job internally or with another company, this is going to be my work schedule indefinitely.  I was temporarily put on a morning schedule for about a year, but now I’m back to swing.

Justin works an earlier shift, from 6AM to 3PM.  We don’t live together at the moment.

And now, for the next 4 months or so, my mom will be living with me since she’s taken a temporary job in my area.  So now be seeing Justin maybe an hour or two a day on the weekdays if we have lunch & dinner together, and then most of the weekend (thank goodness).

I know that there are many other couples who find themselves in long distance relationships, and I’m very thankful to be close in proximity to Justin, but sometimes having opposite schedules like this really makes me miss him a lot.


I’d like to know, have you ever had an opposite work schedule with your significant other?  Or do you have a long distance relationship?  How do you make it work?

♥ E&I