DIY: Turning a vintage sequin top into a zippered clutch (Part 1)

This is my 4th clutch project in my zippered clutch series!  Check them out along with other DIY projects here.

I asked you for your opinions on this $5 sequin top at the end of 2011:

…and 60% of you said to turn it into a clutch instead of leaving it alone!  I also thought about turning into a skirt, but honestly A) I don’t think I’d wear it and B) I haven’t made a skirt before!

As I readied the sequin fabric for sewing I realized I could make an additional makeup pouch out of the two sleeves.

Here’s the finished makeup pouch!

I think I’ll sell this one for either at my Etsy shop or my blogshop.  I haven’t posted it up yet though, I’m about to head to another LASIK appointment right now.

The larger sequin clutch will be completed later on.  Thanks for reading! :)

♥ E&I