What is important to you?

My friend Erika (From Shopping to Saving) always posts such great links on her Twitter feed!

She recently retweeted this blog post by The Savvy Scot about “Defining purpose and the importance of moderation.”

I wholeheartedly agree with his point that most of us are focused on saving as much money as we possibly can, only to end up binging when we can’t take it anymore.  Sometimes its more of a numbers game:  meeting budget constrictions or having X-amount of no-spend days.

The Savvy Scot gives saving money as an example, but I also think it applies to spending as well:  to make purchases not out of impulse, but making them based on your priorities and purpose in life.  For me, saving isn’t as big a problem as spending.

Sometimes we get too caught up in the cyclical nature of saving and spending that we forget why we’re doing trying to save money in the first place: achieving happiness in life!

Let’s talk about blogs, social media networks and Pinterest.  I love good design and beautiful things.  Despite my best efforts sometimes I buy things to emulate a certain look, or refresh my wardrobe or home with a new item that is in tune with the current season.  But after a month that fresh and new feeling goes away.  And it’s onto the next ______!

Experiences last longer than the latest purchase.  It’s so hard to remember this when a certain item is sitting pretty in your online shopping cart, but it’s true.

What is important to me:  (at the moment)

  • Spending quality time with Justin
  • Taking more vacations in the future with Justin
  • Taking Buddy out to new, fun places so he can enjoy his last years to the fullest
  • Building a nest egg for the future:  wedding, home, aging parents, and possibly baby

Making financial decisions based on your life’s priorities will likely result in the best choice.

Thanks to The Savvy Scot for the insightful post!


What about you? What is important in your life?

♥ E&I