Refreshing my Bookshelves

I’ll admit that styling bookshelves is not my strong suit.  I have two white bookshelves in my condo but I mostly use it for storing everything BUT books.  I do have a lot of magazines however and I need to start purging them.

I was naughty last week and I spent nearly $50 on random decorative objects.  I bought them with the intention of returning at least one piece, but in the end I decided to keep them all.  Surprise surprise.  Sigh.

I don’t think everything will go into bookcases for styling… maybe a few will end up on my vanity, mantle or nightstand.  I think its important to keep moving things around in order to get a fresh perspective.

The goods:

Everything was from TJMaxx:  The horn and agate bookends were $13, the large faux coral was $10, and the small faux coral was $6.

My inspiration:

Image credits:  Made by Girl, Lonny Mag, Mineral Magnets sold at Leif Shop, Oprah giftfinder, Glitter Guide, The Coveteur at WWW, Guehne Made

I’m not brave enough yet to show the bookcases in progress but when I figure it out I’ll post it up.  Happy Friday and have a great weekend! 😀

♥ E&I