Urban Outfitters Haul: Extra 50% off clearance

My local Urban Outfitters is having another extra 50% off clearance sale!  Usually when Black Friday rolls around they have a MASSIVE early morning sale that is insanely packed.  See my Black Friday haul from last year here.

I happened to walk in yesterday to check it out, and lo and behold… they are having the same sale.  Less crowds, less hassle and most likely more to choose from than the Black Friday sale.cut

What I bought:

Truly Madly Deeply Printed Cold Shoulder Sweatshirt, XS

$19.99 online, $5 at my local store

Silence and Noise Cutaway Bodycon Tank, S

$9.99 online, $5 at my local store

My shadow was blocking the light so it looks discolored towards the bottom… whoops.  It looks just like the model picture above.

Cooperative Island Pullover, S

$29.99 online, $5 at my local store

I thought this was cheeky and fun for cool nights in Hawaii… we’ll be going there a lot in the future so I thought it would be cute to wear there.  I liked the pineapple on the pink one but the blue sweater felt more wearable.  I love the back!!!

Sparkle and Fade Mesh Tank Top, XS

$44 online, $5 at my local store

Great for summer over a bikini.

UO Border Cave Collar

$18 online, $5 at my local store

 Beaded tribal necklace

I couldn’t find this one online, $5 at my local store

Chandelier spike earrings

$4.99 online, $2.50 at my local store

Bamboo hoop earrings

$9.99 online, $2.50 at my local store

I also snagged a couple boxes of these Kid Robot Pop! balloon figurines… you don’t know what you’re going to get until you open the box!

$1 each

A few other things I bought:  a funny chocolate candy bar for $1, and a pink little Iphone stand for $1

Grand total:

Make sure to call your local Urban Outfitters to see if the sale is still on.. I wanted to get this blog post up quickly so you can see a little bit of what they have there.

 ♥ E&I