Gladiator Rock ‘N Run Photoblog

Last week Them Rude Boys performed the San Jose Gladiator Rock ‘N Run and Justin asked me to take a phew photos and video for them.

If you don’t know what Gladiator Rock ‘N Run is, it’s a 5 kilometer long, 17-obstacle course:

Dan Clark aka “Nitro” from the American Gladiators brings you the most insane one day event on the planet – The Gladiator Rock’n Run™.

The course challenges all participants to conquer extreme obstacles and harsh terrain, then to celebrate their conquests with a bad-ass post race party filled with music, beer and food.

Kevin on vocals and guitar:

BF Justin on drums:

Frank on bass and vocals:

The participants before the course:


And after!  Covered in mud!


 They had a few fun activities for participants in the spirit of American Gladiator

Dirty shoes were donated to fight autism (buy the end of the second day this pile was HUGE)

Part of the course:

They also had a costume contest

The very last obstacle was called “The Wall of Fame/The Wall of Shame.”  If you couldn’t climb up with ropes, you had to walk around it instead.

Participants also had to jump over fire:

It was quite a fun filled weekend…  I don’t think I could try the course myself… I’d probably collapse halfway!

♥ E&I