Patio Furniture Paint Colors?

Hello! 😀

I haven’t had the time to post a recap of my Monterey trip, but hopefully it’ll come up this weekend.

I’ve also been trying to stay away from any retail stores lately.  I check in on my spending wishlist regularly so I can keep my focus on bigger and more important purchases in the future.

I did, however, cave when I passed by Cost Plus this weekend.  I bought a rug for the patio.  Finally!  The Overstock one that I had thought would be perfect, actually ended up in the living room instead.

Here’s the one I bought for $20:

It’s much cheaper than this Athens rug by Fab Habitat, which I originally had my eye on.  Although I like how the Athen’s blue is a little more muted, the same size rug is $50.

Here’s what the patio looks like now!

BAM!  Bright, isn’t it?  Its perfect for Independence Day but I don’t think I’d stick with this setup all year round.

Now that I’m looking back, I probably shouldn’t have bought the red patio set so quickly.  It was my first official spring/summer season in my new place and I was just TOO excited to slow down with the decorating!  And I bought the patio set even though I’m not fond of the color red.  I just liked the design.

But now it’s time to redeem myself and fix my mistakes.  I should have waited around for something better to come along.  But since I didn’t, and I already spent the money on something that wasn’t 100% what I wanted, I’m going to change the color!  When spring started I had the selfish thought of buying a different patio set because I was unhappy with it.  Tsk tsk.

Instead I’ll spend $5 on a paint can.

At first I wanted to paint it black, but now with the blue and cream rug, I’m not so sure.

Why black? Here are a few inspirational patio photos that I found on Pinterest that made me want to go there:

But with the rug being so bright, would black look weird?

How about grey?  Or a dark grey?

Or a warm brown, the same color as these lanterns?

What color would look the best with this rug?

♥ E&I