Patio Painting Project: Complete!

We painted the patio furniture black!

I figured since I had a lot of black accessories outside already I might as well keep things consistent.

I also flipped the rug over to highlight the cream instead of the blue.  It may be a bad choice due to dirt but I can easily hose it down with water or flip it again to blue.

My giant succulent bowl:

I didn’t blog about the process of making this, but basically I bought this plastic bowl planter from Target.  I found a pretty arrangement of succulents in a standard bowl arrangement from Home Depot.  I think the arrangement was between $20 and $30.  The original bowl looked similar to this one.  Yuck.  Ugly.

What I did to transfer it over was this:  I let the original arrangement sit for a while so the soil dried out.  Then once dry, I flipped the bowl over, shook it a bit, and released the plants from the bowl.  Thankfully most of the roots and soil stuck together so it didn’t fall apart!  I then plopped the mass of plants into the new white planter and filled in the gaps with cactus potting soil.  Yay!  Much prettier.

The fern was less than $10 and I used this other planter from Target to complement it nicely.  I originally bought succulents for their hardiness and as a result the chance of me killing them is greatly reduced.  This is my first fern… I think this one is supposed to be hardy as well so here’s to hoping I don’t kill this one!  Heh.

♥ E&I