My First Taste of Home Maintenance


About this time last year, my condo had some electrical problems.  The second floor lighting had a flickering issue so I asked Justin to change out one of the faulty breakers; I also called in an electrician to take a look.  By the time the electrician got there, the flickering wasn’t happening and he told us to call him if it came back.  Mysteriously, the flickering had stopped!  How strange.  I even blogged about it in my July 2011 budget recap last year. He told us it would cost around $800 to replace the entire box.  Ouch!

A year rolled by without issue… and then the buzzing and flickering came back!

It was now time to get it fixed.  I called in another electrician and within two days (and $805 later), I now have a new circuit breaker panel.

This was my first taste of home maintenance as a homeowner.  $805 is a lot of money, sure, but for sound peace of mind I’m glad I did it.  On the same morning that I had called the electrician, I saw a spark within the panel.  Scary!  It could have caught on fire.  Maybe when I’m not home or if Buddy is there, or if I’m sleeping.  You never know.

It’s a good thing that I have an emergency fund.  In the future I plan on getting the kitchen renovated too.  The cost of being a homeowner is quite high, but in the end I’m happy to pay up.  I don’t plan on staying here forever.. maybe I’ll sell it or rent it out, who knows.  But in the meantime, I’ll try to keep saving as much as I can so I can be prepared for similar events. 😀

♥ E&I