I’m seeing double: ASOS Spike Hand Harness vs. Born Pretty Spike Slave Bracelet

I love spikes and studs.  I’ve been eyeing this Asos spiked hand harness for a while, but I didn’t think paying over $5 was worth it.

The original, in silver.  It’s now on sale from $16.57 to $8.29!

ASOS Multi Spike Looped Hand Harness

The dupe:

I saw this gold version at the Born Pretty online store for only $3.15.  And they have FREE shipping worldwide as well.  I normally get nail art supplies from here, but they also sell jewelry too.

Spike Bracelet Bangle Slave Chain

BONUS:  There’s this listing on Ebay for the gold version for a mere $1.87 with free shipping.

♥ E&I