It’s Official… We’re Going to Fiji!


We booked our flights and hotel stays for Fiji!!

I used 36,000 Starwood points for Cash & Points redemption and 140,000 United miles (by way of Chase Ultimate Rewards) for a 9-night trip at the Sheraton Fiji Resort.

Each night will be $60 USD (not including 15% tax, oh well), and we had to pay a little bit in taxes ($225.80 total) for our United flights.

Totals out of pocket:

  • Flights are $112.90 per person through United/Air New Zealand (Price without points is a whopping $2,658.80/pp)
  • Hotel stays cost $270 per person for 9 nights, or $60/night (not including tax, and price without points:  $1,083.92/pp total, or $240.87/night)

So why did we choose Fiji?  Justin and I love the beach.  And Fiji is one of those places that beachgoers like us dream about… no other land masses in sight, crystal clear waters and powdery white sand.  Polynesian culture is also really interesting!  I was also thinking about going to Thailand but the southeast Asian mosquitoes scare me, plus Thailand accommodations are cheap enough for us to save up for them in the future.  I’ll get over my fears and go to Thailand someday.

Another reason why I wanted to go to Fiji was because we had a lot of points to use and I wanted to check out a place that I normally wouldn’t go to because of cost.  When I checked out the flight schedules, the United site said I could buy the flights outright for $2658.80 per person, which is COMPLETELY INSANE.  I suppose its that much higher because its after the rainy season too.  Never in a million years would I pay that much for a flight (if I had a choice).  I also checked Kayak and the lowest fare I could find was $1740.30 per person.  Still very expensive. So… why not go using rewards points and a couple hundred dollars?

I chose to go in May because that’s April is the last month of Fiji’s rainy season and May is supposedly beeeyouutiful! :)  I’m hoping the weather will cooperate!

As always, I’ll be taking a lot of photos and documenting the trip in the Vacations page.  😀

Points value calculation:  I hope I’m calculating this correctly.

  • (($240.87 – $60) / 4000 Starwood points) * 100 = 4.52 cents per point for the Starwood stay
  • ($5,317.60 / 140,000) * 100 = 3.80 cents per point for the United flights

♥ E&I