I didn’t book the Hawaii vacation deal & a few other updates

Well the title says it all!

I had a good talk with Justin and although I expected him to jump at it (I was very close to doing it), he agreed that we should wait and save up more money instead.

And according to the last post’s poll, most readers agreed to let the deal go :)  Thank you for your input!!! I really appreciate it.

I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging much lately…  I haven’t been doing much creating/decorating either.  Since Justin got back from tour and Buddy is back from my parents’ house I’ve been doing all I can to spend time with our little family 😀

Last week I interviewed for an internal position at the same company I’m at and I didn’t get the job.  I knew it was coming, but wholeheartedly I’m glad I tried.  Now I’m trying to get back into the swing of things at my current job, but I admit I do feel a bit.. unmotivated.  :(

Random blog post topic:  I just read this NY Times article about “curating” online through Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.  Do you think curating is a skill?  An artform?  Is looking at it a waste of time?  Polyvore is another good example…  I do “curate” in the form of Pinterest and sometimes I blog about picks, but I don’t find fault with online bloggers or pinners who ‘only curate’ and don’t provide any original content.        Blogging isn’t easy, and 90% of the time I don’t blog until the mood strikes me.  Especially “original content.”  In a nutshell, I enjoy a good Polyvore collage and I think it’s okay to dream about things that you don’t own.  :)

♥ E&I