DIY Hemming Linen Beach Pants

I finally got around to hemming a couple linen beach pants that were purchased this summer!  Here’s a quick recap.

Volcom Rev Up Linen Pants – On sale for $35.99 at Zappos at the time of this post

I bought mine in a size XS.  The strange fabric overlap reminds me of yoga pants.. I’m not a huge fan but I don’t mind it.  I guess it makes the pants look a little more interesting.

I bought these for only $14 at a Volcom outlet store a few weeks ago… I’m not familiar with wearing linen and these are 60% linen, 40% viscose.  I hope they won’t shrink too badly.  I know linen is notorious for wrinkling but its ok since this is a casual pant specifically for lazy days or for the beach on vacations.

I tried on the pants, flipped the leg cuffs inside out and pinned them.  Using a ruler, I found that I needed to remove about 5″ from the bottom.  I didn’t use any ironing for this since the fabric was quite heavy on its own and after pinning it down, the fold stayed in place.

With my trusty Singer Brilliance 6180 (bought from Costco for around $150 I believe) I sewed the hem down with a straight stitch and then followed that with a decorative vine/star stitch, #15.

The finished product:

Pretty!  I had a hard time choosing which stitch to use and I kept testing them out on scrap fabric until I finally settled on this one.

ROXY Ocean Side Womens Pants (Black, Sand) – $38.99 at or More colors here at Amazon

I did the same process with this pair of XS white Roxy pants.  I added the decorative stitch detail here too but its barely visible with the white.

Yay another pay of DIY hemming projects complete!  When our Fiji rolls around these will be ready to go :)  I love DIY hemming because for inexpensive pants like these I don’t have to go to the tailor…that would probably cost 1/2 the price or more of another pair of casual pants. 😛

♥ E&I