July 2012 Budget Recap

*NOTE: This budget is for shopping/food/gas only, or expense that I can control fully. I’m not including fixed expenses (mortgage, utilities, medical bills) because they’re fixed and honestly pretty boring to talk about. My TOTAL spending is not reflected in this budget. “Food & Dining” = Eating Out + Groceries *

Blown Budgets:

1. Gas & Fuel 

… I did lots of driving!

2. Clothing

Unfortunately (well, fortunately for my wallet) I returned everything I bought from ASOS from this post.  In person they weren’t worth keeping.

3. Toiletries & Cosmetics

  • L’Oreal Sublime Sun Facial Sunscreen SPF 50 from Target – $9.67
  • OPI Nail polish in Pirouette My Whistle from Copious (after $10 of credits and wow it included shipping!) – $0.01
  • Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation – $15.11
  • Estee Lauder Toner from a Nordstrom mystery shop – $1.30 out of pocket
  • Modelco One Night Tan (2 of them) and ModelCo sunless tan mousse from TJMaxx on clearance – $29.26

Overall budget:


The Verdict?

Woo!  I’m glad the ASOS purchases were returned 😀 haha.  I really want to keep this behavior up.

Next months plans?

  • My birthday is coming up in a few days.. I’ll be 27!~
  • Camping with Buddy and Justin (probably Sonoma County?)

♥ E&I