Me? A Minimalist?

I used to keep everything when I was younger.  Even in college I think I had the biggest wardrobe out of my roommates; I had clothes spilling out of the closet and stuffed under my bed in a fabric under-the-bed box.  I deluded myself into thinking that I needed everything *just in case* of a special event, or I could use it when the weather changes, or that it would come back in style (because “hey, I have great taste and it’ll work again”)

Nope. Didn’t happen.  That special event came and went, I didn’t wear that ‘X’ that next season and regretfully ‘X’ never came back in style.

Then I graduated.  After securing my first job, I moved to an apartment with a HUGE walk-in closet and simultaneously discovered the joy of thrifting.  I hoarded basics tees and tanks like a madwoman.  Everything was so cheap!  If a shirt was less than $5, you bet I bought it!!!  I moved once again to a smaller 1 bedroom apartment.  I started selling and donating my clothes and shoes.  It was quite painful at first… I spent so much money (and not to mention, time) amassing such a huge amount of clothes, shoes and bags and it was finally time to let them go.

I found this quote from  Life at Home in the Twenty-First Century hit this on the mark:

The inflow of objects is relentless. The outflow is not. We don’t have rituals, mechanisms, for getting rid of stuff.

At the moment I don’t have rituals to get rid of things.  When the purging mood strikes me I get a garbage bag together and unload as much stuff as I possibly can.  If I am unsure of something, I usually put it back until I’m finally sure.

Purging my closet is actually getting to be quite a high for me now… Now I’m actively looking for things to let go of and I have yet to recall an item that I regret donating or selling to a consignment store. (I guess a bad memory is good for this)

When I drop off a big bag to the thrift store I feel like a load has been lifted off my shoulders.  Yesterday I went through my closet and gave 1/4 of it away to my sister.  Woo!! I feel great.

I’m not sure I can be a complete minimalist but this is really growing on me.

How often do you purge your closet?  Do you think you could be a ‘minimalist?’

♥ E&I