I’m 27!

Yup today’s my 27th birthday.  I don’t feel that much different!  In a few hours I’ll be going to work.  I really should have taken the day off, but oh well.

27 is also the year my mom got married so she has been asking about it lately.  Haha.

This weekend I went out with Buddy and Justin to Fort Funston in San Francisco (doggy heaven!) and went to a wine and fondue party at a friend’s house.  On Sunday Justin and I had the obligatory Chinese food dinner with the parents.  It was the perfect weekend.

I don’t normally get such fancy presents for my birthday but this weekend Justin and my parents surprised me early!

From my parents:

A Prada wallet.. my first Prada anything.  The quality is amazing!

And a delicate Tiffany necklace from Justin.  The meaning behind it really gets to me :*)

I’m so blessed to have them in my life :)

Here’s to getting wiser.

Now take me to the beach!! >_<


♥ E&I