Wardrobe Quality and A Fear of Maintenance

{via jak & jil}

A few weeks ago I decided to change purses for the day.  I had been carrying around my Chanel tote for weeks so I switched all of my purse contents to my bright and summery, polyester Poketo for Target Perry Weekender.

And I felt so relieved! Why?

Every time I use an expensive “__fill in the blank__” I’m a little more cautious of stains, or having it rub against something. My Chanel tote has a square base and because of that the bottom corners have a higher probability of brushing up against my car door. It doesn’t help that my garage is a tight, single-car space. Every time I feel my bag brush against a hard surface, I literally cringe. I try my hardest to be more careful, but sometimes it can’t be helped.  As cost goes up, usually so does the responsibility.

Some materials that I love but sometimes require too much maintenance: suede, anything stark white, delicate satins, lambskin and other soft leathers that easily stain or retain water marks. I think white suede would be my worst nightmare! haha.

I covet designer purses. You get what you pay for; the quality is always better than the fast fashion variety. But there’s something to be said about throwing on a fabric or faux leather purse. All the worry is gone! If I buy a faux leather purse from Target and it gets a little beat up over time, it’s okay because I didn’t pay an arm and a leg for it.

If I were a gazillionare with money to burn, maybe I’d be a little less careful with my things. I’ve seen some street style photos of off-duty models carrying around overstuffed and abused Chanel purses… maybe its only about money after all.

Am I just getting older and more lazy?

What do you think? Do you like designer items but hate the maintenance that comes with it?

♥ E&I