New additions

I just bought this beauty.

{via debbie carlos // buy here}

This gigantic poster is 36″x48″.  Huge pieces of artwork don’t usually come cheap (believe me, I’ve looked) and I love photographs of crystals.  It’s brooding and *dare I say it,* sexy!  Debbie also makes other prints (and in color too) so do check out her shop!  I still need to figure out how to hang it though.  I’m thinking… custom framing job.

Initially I had the idea of painting a huge abstract canvas.  My first painting project was a success… but I don’t think I can find an inexpensive canvas with the amount of depth that I’d like and the pressure of figuring out what to paint is too much. What if I mess up?

Here is where the poster is going to go:

I think many people would say I’m making a mistake by replacing the Michelle Armas canvas print.  I received a lot of compliments on the piece from my EveryGirl feature… Don’t get me wrong I really like the print but honestly I would have preferred her darker, cool-toned Secret Garden work instead.  I like pinks but I think I prefer them in smaller doses.

There’s also another important reason why I’m changing up the decor.

I have officially asked Justin to move in with me next year when his lease is up.


This will be the first time I’ve officially moved in with a boy!  It’ll be easier on both of our budgets so we can save a little bit more for our future together. In the past I told Justin that once we move in together I’d make the place a little more gender-neutral.  The bedroom is already on the masculine side but the gigantic PINK print won’t work anymore.  And I’d love a change!

This Lonny photo is still haunting me!  I already have the brass lamp too.

This is also why I’m trying to pare down my things.  We are going to be living in a >900 sq ft space!  I’ve already emptied out the 2nd master closet for him in preparation.  (And the closets we have are not very big.)  I need to learn to live with less and it’ll take some time to get used to it.

I’m excited! 😀

♥ E&I