An Antique Store Find

Antique stores can really liven up mainstream, big-box decor.  My taste is mainly modern but I like to add antique pieces to mix things up!

I used to go to the Alameda Antique fair often but it’s a bit too far and I can’t bring Buddy along.  Luckily there are a few antique stores downtown where he can come with me.  This weekend Justin had dim sum with his family while Buddy and I went hunting for treasure.

I loved these gorgeous bird cages… if I had a big garden I think they’d look very pretty among the plants.

I never knew streetlights were actually this huge.  This one was only $40!  Too bad I don’t live in a giant, modern industrial loft… this would be perfect for a bachelor.

I love looking at vintage bottle collections!

I don’t think many people would want a Ronald McDonald head but I thought this composition was nice.

I came home with this little guy… he’s a heavy brass crab!  His arms are also movable.

Surprise!  He can hold jewelry :)

Lindsey Ring by Dara Ettinger

♥ E&I