The Awkwardness of Aging

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I was thinking about this last night before going to sleep.

I’m getting older.  As a teen I remember feeling the skin under my forearms and thinking to myself… man this part of the skin feels so soft!  I studied the lines in my fingers with my best childhood girlfriends and discussed what each line meant.  Of course scrutinizing ‘the love line’ was the most absorbing.

Now I’m feeling skin that isn’t as soft as it was before.  Some lines in my hands have started to appear where I hadn’t noticed before.  Changes in my body have finally made me realize that I’m no longer invincible.  When you’re a kid and then a teen you think you’re going to be young forever.  Nothing can touch you and you dream about what it’s like to be grown up and on your own.

The feeling of aging is finally hitting me, albeit ever so slowly… and I have to admit that it’s awkward and unsettling.  Its almost akin to puberty…  Your body is changing.  Those around you are changing.  Instead of getting your first kisses and first boyfriends, friends are getting married, buying houses and having babies.

The ride that is  adulthood has finally arrived…you’ve waited so long for this moment, and now that you’re strapped in, you realize the coaster car is going much faster than you anticipated.

So I’m going to try my best to slow down.  At least a little bit… so I can appreciate getting older and encountering life’s milestones with open arms.  I don’t want to lose that sense of wonder.

♥ E&I