R.I.P. Rich, I miss you already

Rich (far left) and me (center) at a wedding in 2010

Dear Rich,

I am really shocked you’re gone. :( You were my very first friend at work. I remember us going out to eat Thai food for lunch… you were always like a big brother to me. You were always down for anything and you were so vibrant and had so much charisma!! Always the epitome of fun and the life of the party… I miss you playing music in the next room and whenever I’d hear it it’d be such a welcoming sound at work.

I always enjoyed our talks… you were always so animated and fun to be around. I’m so happy that you invited me to go to Vegas with just you and your cousin…and I had a great time! WHY didn’t I take more photos of us together when I was there.. I’m kicking myself now for it. When we went out for meals or to the clubs we didn’t take many photos. I’m regretting that too. I had never stayed out until 6 AM.. until I met you. :) I probably will never do that again!

I was just talking to you on Friday… Why did you have to go so suddenly?

When I was undergoing a personal crisis you were there for me when no one else could be. I will always appreciate that. And I tried my best to give you advice about your girl problems. 😉 I just wanted you to find a girl that made you happy! I’m so sad that you never did. I’m so sad you’re gone. You had such a big heart Rich and I will miss you very very much. ♥ Thank you for everything.

I’m heading out to your viewing now. I’ll see you soon.



” I hope that when I’m 60 believe it or not..that Im still young at heart and enjoying the music scene and still able to get down, but looking good of course..lol….live in the moment and live life..Lifes too short to worry about drama ” — Rich Trinidad