September 2012 Budget Recap

*NOTE: This budget is for shopping/food/gas only, or expense that I can control fully. I’m not including fixed expenses (mortgage, utilities, medical bills) because they’re fixed and honestly pretty boring to talk about. My TOTAL spending is not reflected in this budget. “Food & Dining” = Eating Out + Groceries *

Blown Budgets:

1. Food & Dining

Coffee addiction doesn’t help much here… I’m all over the pumpkin spiced lattés in the fall :(

2. Gas & Fuel 

We drove a lot this month… we just spent two weekends in a row going back and forth to both of our parents’ houses.

3. Toiletries & Cosmetics

4. Home Decorating

  • Voluspa Candle (Suede Blanc) from Peninsula Beauty – $7.81
  • Two wire storage bins from Marshalls – $14.10
  • Indonesian mirror from Marshalls (blogged here) – $27.06
  • Solar lanterns for the patio from Marshalls – $13.10

5. Shoes & Accessories

  • Hair clip from Forever 21 – $1.08
  • Target Mocs (instagram) – $12
  • Target earrings – $3.02
  • Corso Como flats from Gilt – $44.95
  • Forever 21 stud earrings – $3.03

Overall budget:


The Verdict?

I tried desperately to meet my clothing budget (and I did!) but overall I still ended up in the red this month!  Can please I just blame it on the exorbitant gas prices? ;D I really felt that I was holding myself back in September and it doesn’t show.  Darn.

Next months plans?

  • Mom’s temp job assignment was extended until Halloween, October 31st!  I still have a ‘roommate’ until then :)  And no I’m not charging her for rent. Haha.
  • Justin and I will have a busy month:  Fall Mix Up concert this weekend, camping with Buddy in Sonoma County the weekend after that, then Disneyland, then a staycation downtown, then Vegas on November 1st!  Phew!  Action packed!

♥ E&I