Latest finds: J Brand, Hudson, Forever 21 and a Halloween Sewing project

I love you, Neiman Marcus Last Call.  My love for you knows no bounds!!!

A few weeks ago I bought a pair of white Hudson skinnies for ~$35.  In the past I didn’t have much luck at this store but I’ve hit the jackpot lately~

From my instagram:

And last week I scored 2 J Brand jeans for $30.87 each! And they’re not weird, high waisted, or in strange colors either!  My local store receives merchandise from their sister store, Bergdorf Goodman, and for some reason, the BG merchandise is heavily discounted compared to the regular Neiman Marcus items.  The Hudsons and J Brands that I found were priced at a mere $49.99 each.  The whole clearance center was having a 30% off everything sale and I was lucky enough to get an additional 10% off because of their Columbus Day sale, thus bringing each pant to $30.87.

I usually perform research on most of my purchases just to see if I can find a cheaper price elsewhere or if reviewers had any problems with fit or quality.  Does this also validate my purchase? Perhaps. 😉

I bought the J Brand Martini flare

…and the J Brand 901 Coated leggings in Smokestack.

I really thought they were regular jeans at first but they have faux front pockets.  The only bad thing about coated leggings or jeans is that they are dry clean only.  But I really like how subtle the coating is.

These are my first J Brands and I have to say that I am a big fan already!  Hudson jeans are normally my favorite but these are quite close.

The Martini inseam is very long and as such I’ll have to lose a lot of the flare shape.  When trying them on I look like I’m about to go scuba diving with flippers!  That’s okay because I prefer a more subtle flare anyhow.

I also picked up a cheap polka dot tee from Forever 21 for $2.99 in a size medium.  Sizing up means a bigger neck opening and a high probability of off-the-shoulder styling 😉

The dots remind me of Japan and the Rei Kawakubo COMME des GARÇONS print!

I was going to put the post up earlier but I’ve been busy sewing this hat for a customer!  If you don’t recognize it, it is the Max hat from the book and movie “Where the Wild Things Are” but without the crown.

At lunch today I’m heading over to Justin’s so I can take a few more modeling pics of him for additional listings.  Then this hat will be shipped off! :)

I have a lot more material and I plan to go on a hat sewing rampage!  Lately I’ve been unmotivated to sew but this has really amped me up.

♥ E&I