My Mind is on a Hamster Wheel

Hi!  This will be a quick rambling post…  I just got back from Disneyland/Santa Monica/Venice/Los Angeles and reality is hitting me like a brick!  I just finished signing refinance papers today as well.  Income taxes will be due *very* soon.  It’s tough to see my checking account taking such a big hit!  Bills are coming at me quickly.

It’s so strange that I can feel so good about life and personal finances… and then before I know it I hit a wall.  Maybe it’s mostly because of income tax season.  Ouch.  Maybe it’s because I just got back from Disneyland and I was reminiscing how fun it was to be a kid again and how free I was back then.  Now it’s back to work.  Back to bills.  Back to worrying about the future.

I’m starting to become one of those girls who smile and fawn over cute babies.  I *do* want a kid.  But I’m hearing about how tough it is to get a job right now for new graduates and the rising costs of college education.  (I had a good chat with my appraiser about this.)  And how parents are pushing their kids into SAT classes in middle school or earlier.  Or how jaded kids are now because of smart phones and easily accessible websites.  It seems tough to have a kid nowadays.  I want one.  But frankly I’m very scared.  I know this is so premature to think about these things especially since I’m not even married… but.  I can’t help but think about it.

Money…. and the future.  It’s like I’m running in circles… I’m trying to get somewhere but it seems like I’m not moving.

♥ E&I