October 2012 Budget Recap

*NOTE: This budget is for shopping/food/gas only, or expense that I can control fully. I’m not including fixed expenses (mortgage, utilities, medical bills) because they’re fixed and honestly pretty boring to talk about. My TOTAL spending is not reflected in this budget. “Food & Dining” = Eating Out + Groceries *

Blown Budgets:

1. Clothing

  • Off the shoulder top from Necessary Clothing (I jumped the gun and bought it before I found out a cheap >$8 dupe on Ebay. DANGIT.)- $30.67
  • ASOS Lace Petite Playsuit.  I’m telling myself that I bought this for our Vegas trip tomorrow.  I have been eyeing this since it first came out and when it was on sale I bought it on the way home from LA… I’m wondering if it will go on further sale…? – $58.93 (omg just typing that out makes me cringe.. what was I thinking?? But I still like it. ARGH.)
  • Bebe corset top and Abercrombie sweater from Goodwill – $11.48
  • Seven for All Mankind light wash jeans from Goodwill – $10
  • Striped button down shirt from Marshalls – $10.84
  • 1 nude tank top for layering, 1 polka dot shirt (instagrammed here) – $6.27
  • 3 pairs of pants:  SOLD legging jeans, 2 pairs of J Brand jeans (blogged here) – $86.72

2. Gas & Fuel 

:(  Driving to LA takes a lot of gas!

Overall budget:


The Verdict?

I bought too many clothes :T  *shake fist at the shopping gods!*  I was too lenient with my shopping this month.  I think the ASOS playsuit and the deals I found at Neiman Marcus Last Call really did me in.

Next months plans?

  • Today is mom’s last day at work!  And its also her last day as my roommie :(  I will miss her around!
  • A contractor is going to fix a mistake that the original cabinet installers made… after that gets done I’ll be able to buy a bigger fridge!  Mom hates my current fridge (“You can barely fit anything in it!!!”  Being in an Asian household means the fridge must be fully stocked!)
  • I finished refinancing and my lower payments will start in December.
  • Phew!  October was a fun filled month!  We don’t have any real travel plans for November so I’m looking forward to spending cozy autumn nights snuggled up with Justin and Buddy (hopefully while drinking some hot cocoa or apple cider)
  • Oh and did I mention we’re going to Vegas tomorrow?! AHH! I’m so excited 😀

♥ E&I