My 2012 in a nutshell

In 2012 I…

went to Kauai for the first time.  This was our 2nd Hawaii vacation as a couple.  I have to honestly say it was even better than our Oahu trip in 2011!

joined Instagram!! GAH!  I think this is one reason why I haven’t blogged as often as I should. Doh.

…had my home featured on The Everygirl!  I’ve never been so proud of my little condo.  Since then I’ve had a few friends and family member ask me for decorating advice, which was amazing.  I never dreamed I’d get such a positive response and I am still in awe.

…found a Guerlain bronzer for 90% off the current retail price! At TJMaxx!

…I got Lasik done!!  It’s like I have HD vision now ;D

…my life changed for the better after learning the ins and outs of collecting miles and points.  In 2012, I collected enough points to get:

…completed a patio mini makeover with my first spray paint project!

turned 27!

…completed my most popular manicure to date!

…my good friend Richard died.  I miss you Rich!

…made a DIY Minnie Mouse headband!

…went to Disneyland, Santa Monica, LA and Long Beach!

DIY’d my own cage bralette!

…I asked Justin to move in with me!  Yay for saving money on mortgage and utilities!  And it’ll be easier for us to see each other since we’re on separate shifts.

…started working on a new project.  Sneak peek:

2012 was a great year :)

I’m really excited to see what 2013 brings.  Thank you so much for reading and/or  interacting with me.  I find it so amazing that online friends can really touch your heart and be so supportive, despite never meeting up in real life.  I am so thankful… for you!  :)


Happy New Year!


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