Vanity Reorganization!

Muji has finally come to the west coast!  I had not shopped there since I was in Matsumoto, Japan, over 2 years ago and I am SO happy that it is here locally.  I was so obsessed at the time that I lugged my bulky Muji goodies around through SEVEN cities in Japan inside my luggage.

I bought a few bins for the bathroom this time as well as some clear acrylic drawers for makeup and jewelry storage.  (instagram haul here)

Here is what my vanity used to look like:

Open, but not practical.  I wanted to get my everyday items out from those little desk drawers & my makeup bins so I focused on storage that stacked vertically.  Before, makeup would spread out everywhere on the desk surface and I had a hard time putting things back where they were.

Current setup:

My makeup brush storage is the same but I moved it over to the right side (I’m right handed) and stacked two Muji trays together underneath for lip products and less-used items.

On the left I stacked some bins of makeup and false lashes.  A tray holds my everyday base makeup.

The acrylic drawers hold my jewelry and some eyeshadow, blush and bronzer.  I also found a cheap frosted plastic pen holder from Target on clearance to hold eyeliner pens and eyelash curlers.

Bottom drawer: Most-used blush and bronzer

Next drawer:  Urban Decay Naked palettes

Third drawer up:  Bracelets

Top drawer:  Rings and earrings (the tray is also from Muji)

The very top:  Wrap bracelets and misc jewelry

My rings are in my old fabric tray:

Necklaces and chunkier bracelets are in the mirrored tray on the right:

And the rest of my eyeshadow stash is in the desk drawers: