Home Ownership: More Choices, More Responsibility

Up until now, I’ve only had one major home maintenence project since I moved into my condo in 2010.

Now I’m gonna take on the BIG GUNS.  It’s time to renovate the kitchen.  Well… at least most of it.  Oh boy.  I feel like a big girl now!

This was the setup when I moved in, and it’s still the same now (except now the countertops are covered in kitchen-y things).

Oak cabinets, blah white tile countertops, ho hum, white everything and some brown neutral tile floors.  The plan is to keep the current cabinets for now and change the countertop, sink, and appliances.  Not all at once, though.

The microwave recently broke down (just great) and I just bought one yesterday.  After the countertops go in, I’ll change out the fridge (which is OBSCENELY TINY).  We plan on doing the major reno while Justin and I are in Fiji in May, and Dad will supervise.

The thing is though, Dad has advised me not to get to expensive with the reno, appliances and finishes, since he thinks we won’t be living here within the next 5 years.  Renting?  Selling?  Hmm.  >1000 square feet is doable, and it’d be nice to have a bigger place…. but who knows what will happen.

So I’m going to try to do this as cheaply as possible, with nice, polished, yet neutral finishes to please any tenants or future owners in the future.

Since the kitchen is so small, I’m thinking of going with granite countertops in a white, close to marble finish.

Justin requested no granite with lots of sparkles.  It’s too bad we’re living together now or else I’d get a countertop chock full of SPARKLES complete with glittery chandelier!! Just kidding.

If I had things my way I’d get WHITE CABINETS ALL THE WAYYYYY but I have to use what I have.  So, oak cabinets.  Light granite countertops.  The backsplash… White subway tile?  Is that tacky?  Will this scheme go with my weird neutral-brown tile floors?  I’m not sure yet.

I’m a little scared.  This isn’t some HGTV special with perfect contractors, no designer is going to whip up a color plan for me with stone swatches.  Ultimately, I’m going to have to choose who will put everything in.  I’m going to choose the finishes.  It’s going to be… just me.  Of course, Justin will help me decide, but I’ll have to get the ball rolling, as I’m the one big on interior design and all.

#AHHHinternalfreakout!  Haha.

First time renovation.  So many choices.  I just hope I’ll make the right ones!

♥ E&I