Review: Nail Polish Removing Pods

I first found this product through Instagram. I can’t quite remember which user it was (since my old account is gone..sigh), but I remember them saying that it was really good and very inexpensive on Ebay.  Glitter polish is notoriously difficult to remove, so I thought a product test would be harmless since the cost was under $3.

Like the foil method, the purpose of these soakers pods is to prevent the nail polish remover from evaporating too quickly.

I think the effectiveness of these tubs depends on the quality of nail polish remover that you use.  During my test, I used a soaked cotton pad and left the pods on for 5 minutes.  Not all fingers were completely clean.  But after repeating the soaking process (not recorded on YouTube) with another application of remover, I waited an additional 5 minutes and all of the glitter was gone from my thumb.

Would I recommend it?  Yes.  It may not be an AMAZING must-have for those who love glitter polish, but it does work.  And the >$5 price tag gives this a thumbs up from me!

♥ E&I