Nail Tutorial: Hawaiian Punch Nails


This is a bright look for me.. I don’t normally work with yellow and orange but this is a super festive look.  It reminds me of Lisa Frank!  (If you grew up in the 90’s you’ll back me up on this)

I have done another variation of Hawaiian themed nails in the past. See the post here.

One thing that I found after using a pink-based glitter polish, is that stamping should always be after glitter polish application.  When I stamped and then applied the glitter overlay, my flowers turned pink and it didn’t look very good.  So I had to start over.  :(

If you don’t have any nail plates, I think just doing the gradient and glitter overlay is amazing in itself.  The clear jelly base of the glitter looks like candy 😀

Also, Island Girl nail polishes can only be found in ABC stores in Hawaii and Las Vegas.  I’m sure they can also be found online as well.  They have some interesting glitter mixes.  So far I only have this pink color and a blue variation of the same formula.