Easy DIY Nail Art Stickers…Using a Freezer Bag!

Retail nail art stickers can get expensive! Especially since they’re one time use only. Make your own nail stickers at home using real nail polish! Now you won’t have to worry about drying time or messing up designs on wet nails.

I didn’t try making a FULL nail sticker, but I’m sure you could try and trim off the excess with manicure scissors.

This is also useful if you’re not ambidextrous. I’m not good at doing nail art with my left hand, so using pre-made stickers on your dominant hand makes the finished look much better! 😀 If you can paint it or cut it out, it can be turned into nail art!

By the way….I tried saran wrap, and putting polish on a mirror, and neither worked, so don’t do it!  (My compact mirror is still covered in nail polish. haha.) A freezer or zip bag is more sturdy and pliable… it’ll be easier to work with when removing the stickers.

After peeling off of the freezer bag, the sticker will become more brittle as time goes on. So plan to apply your sticker after peeling from the bag. If the sticker becomes brittle, don’t worry! Use a dot of clear polish to help adhere to the nail better.

TIP: Drying time will vary depending on the polish. Some polishes will only need 4-5 hours of drying time.

Craft scissors can be found at your local craft store.

Base colors:
Metallic Blue: Julep Ivy
Seafoam green (underneath the roses): Essie Absolutely Shore

Rose colors:
NYC Pink Promenade
Essie French Affair
The Face Shop GR505 (green leaves)

♥ E&I