Buying Thrift, then Selling to Consignment

[ my crossroads pile to sell ]

Hmm.  Shopping musings.

I recently sold a LOT of unused clothes & shoes to Crossroads the other day. I’ve been buying and selling from them for years so I have a pretty good idea of what they will take from me.

I ended up going home with $120 worth of store credit from that pile above…and they didn’t take that giant box of boots and a few other things.  Not too shabby, I think.  Normally you can get (I think) 35% in cash of the price that they’ll sell the items at, or 50% in store credit value.

The only clothes I have bought so far this year is a $100 pair of hiking pants for our upcoming Fiji & Australia trip.  After winning a Pinterest contest from Piperlime, I shaved off half of that using a $50 gift card.  I haven’t bought anything fashion-related besides that.

I’m currently on the hunt for a chambray button down shirt, but nothing has come up.  I did, however, see this cute version from Forever 21 in stores, but they didn’t have my size.  The price also turned me off.


I really think that Forever 21’s pricing has gotten higher.  Maybe not their “deals” with the yellow tags…. but it seems like they have increased their garment selection, and with that, their prices.  I *do* notice some items are of better quality than the past.  Keyword: SOME.  Not all, but some.  I really would have thought that this shirt would be $17.80.  Some of their jackets used to max out at $35 and now I’m seeing some in the $40-range.

Is this happening to H&M too?

Fast fashion doesn’t seem so inexpensive anymore.

I’m thinking.. at least for now, can I stick to thrifting for a while?  And if I do, can I resell to Crossroads in the future and get my money back?

Let’s say I get lucky and buy a designer brand shirt at the thrift store for $5.  Later on I get tired of it… I sell it for $5 in store credit to Crossroads.  Now I can buy more clothes using that credit from Crossroads.  Most times the scenario won’t be perfect, and I will definitely lose some money.  Crossroads may not take the item.  Maybe Crossroads will buy it from me, but for less value than I paid.

But at least I can turn that wasted storage space into a new item, without spending much more.  

Now I have $120 to spend at Crossroads… I’m telling myself if I have the itch to spend, I’ll head to Crossroads first.

I don’t think I can stick to buying thrift & consignment ‘forever.’  Digging through racks of clothes to find fashion gold can get tiring.  Retail makes it so easy nowadays, but it comes at a price.  But.. I’m going to try.  At least for now.

♥ E&I